Small steps lead to big changes


small steps lead to big changes

Welcome to my website!

I am a 42-year-old Hungarian freelancer coach who has been working with people for more than 16 years.

Over the years I have learned different methods which I integrated into my own practice as a professional massage and movement therapist and energy healer. 
For example:
  • meditation techniques
  • breathing techniques
  • healing with symbols
  • Kinesiology
  • Bach flower remedies

With my loving husband, we are raising three children who are under the age of 10. In December 2021 I became a certified Holobody coach. Holobody gave me not only a holistic approach which has been always important for me but also powerful tools with what permanent results can be reached in a shorter time. In many cases, our goals in life may seem out of our reach but I believe that by splitting the goals into little pieces (baby steps) and consistently following them, everybody can become their best version of themselves. This is what my website’s name stands for.

By encouraging my clients to take actions regularly their improvement is faster. Over the years I could be part of the journey of my students who made shifts in their carrier and in their health conditions with my motivational help. I believe that big changes happen when you step out of your comfort zone. Since I have got through a few painful life experience I know what I am talking about. You can expect empathy, understanding and support because I have been there too. 😉 

 Are you ready for that?

Let me be your guide

through this exciting journey!

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions for clients who are brave enough to open up and take the first steps in order to change. If you have questions send me a message here

Tovább olvasom
I am Mariann. I have been attending yoga classes of Kata for 16 years. For the first time I took part in maternity yoga classes with her, I wanted to adapt better to the changes of my body, feel more fit, get in touch with my baby, and under Kata's leadership, this was achieved. Later, I needed help with the topics of self-acceptance, connection to myself, and strengthening self-confidence. Kata’s holistic approach provided a good framework for this quest. We worked simultaneously on physical, psychical and spiritual levels. Once in a while she assisted me to deepen my self-knowledge with cards and stories. Ever since she is using holobody yoga and coaching in her work, she has been helping me to understand myself with even more targeted questions. The main benefits of our mutual work are: I look at the world and myself through a positive lens; I have learned to relate to my needs, I dare to represent them, and I have taken concrete steps towards my goals. I can better articulate the current focus - what’s in my life right now and what I want to change. What the first step is, the first small “baby step” as Kata usually says. I love working with Kata because she is extremely creative, constantly improving herself, learning new things and bringing those into her work right away. Very intuitive, able to tune in well. It encourages me and gives faith to change.
Tovább olvasom
I am a divorced mother of two children (age 8 and 5). The divorce was a big change in my life, I had to define myself again. New place to live, a new job, alone with the kids wasn't easy, and I had several topics I couldn't get along with alone. Finding the purpose of my life, my profession. I felt like I didn't know what to do with all of my abilities and knowledge. It was like being spread into pieces, without concentration. Talking about the topics Kata asked me several questions in a way that I could not escape answering them and getting the solution. 🙂 It was changing for me to see my struggle from a completely different perspective. And the best, that my struggle became an inspiring possibility for my spiritual development. The outcome was, that in my case, the purpose of my life, is not the profession or job. It is the connections. If my relationship is ok, I'm ok. And that recognition was a huge "babystep" for me. 🙂 I like the way Kata guides me through my questions or "struggle-topics", I love her positive charisma, and intuitive personality, and that she does not let you escape answering the main question. She finds the way to your inner thoughts and lets you answer your own question, which means, she does not give you the solution, she gives you a hand to find your barriers and to overcome them.
Tovább olvasom
My name is Peter Varga, I am 39 years old. In the past 14 years I worked in the international business development field mostly with Asian companies in Hungary. For more than 2 decades I was a member of a yoga school and self development still has importance in my life. When we decided to start the process with Kata I was struggling with finding a new job. For one year I didn't work after quitting my last job at a Korean company that almost totally burnt me out. Even after the first session I suddenly got phone calls from 3 different companies and after 3 sessions I am happy to announce that I will start my new career next week at an Environment protection related company that seems very promising for me. Of course there are other cases that I want to solve but we are still in the progress. During the sessions Kata follows a very good protocol developed by herself and through some really unique questions and tests she is mapping the most important points that we need to deal with and of course she asks you very precisely what are the dominant fields in your life where you are struggling. The great outcomes that I can say that working with Kata for me is a huge positive surprise. As we all know changing is not always easy but during the process you really face those questions that you are trying to delay in your life but crucial for changing. The most important thing about Kata is that she is a very emphatic and helpful coach who can really understand the situation with a high level of intuition and also sense very well when she needs to speak to help you find your own words.

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